Phoenix Taxis - A Low Emission Taxi Company in the North East

Phoenix Taxis have been championing electric taxis since 2011 and now have over 30 fully electric vehicles in their fleet.

Phoenix Taxis

Phoenix Taxis have been championing electric taxis since 2011 and now have over 30 fully electric vehicles in their fleet

Fully electric taxis:

30 x Nissan Leaf & 1 x Tesla Model S

Daily mileage:

130 - 170 miles

The Fleet

Phoenix Taxis is based in Northumberland and offers both personal and corporate taxi services. The taxis are run 6 days per week and have a weekly mileage of 800 – 1,000 miles. Each vehicle is owned by the company and rented by a driver who is responsible for fuel costs. Initially the fleet comprised around 100 taxis and was predominantly made up of diesel and LPG vehicles. Since then the company has grown and in 2011 started to introduce electric vehicles into the fleet. Phoenix Taxis now has 230 cars in total, including 30 fully electric Nissan Leafs, 1 Tesla Model S and over 50 hybrids (non-plugin). 
How did they do it?

In 2011 Alex Hurst – the Managing Director of Phoenix Taxis – attended an electric vehicle event in Middlesbrough run as part of the Switch-EV project. The project was led by Newcastle University and funded through TSB’s £25m Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Programme. Alex was able to trial an electric car and gain first hand experience of what they are like to drive. He was impressed by the technology and the trial relieved concerns about driving range. Based on this, Alex decided to start adding fully electric cars to the Phoenix Taxis fleet. The model he chose was the Nissan Leaf. 

The company has continued to procure Nissan Leafs since 2011 and has invested in supporting infrastructure – they now have 4 rapid charge points installed at the depot. A number of the electric taxi drivers have also had charge points installed at home, allowing them to charge their vehicles overnight. 

“The experience of running electric taxis has been a positive one for the company and for the drivers. Public perception of the vehicles is good and has contributed to increased business. The drivers benefit from cheaper fuel costs, particularly those that have the ability to charge overnight at home, and they are seeing significant weekly savings of around £100. Further to this the cost of maintaining the electric taxis is cheaper than conventional ones as they don’t have an internal combustion engine. Overall, we are having very few issues with the vehicles. We will continue to invest in the technology and are planning to add more Nissan Leaf taxis to our fleet.”

Alex Hurst - Managing Director
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