Business support packages announced in readiness for the CAZ

Business support packages announced in readiness for the CAZ


A host of incentives has now been announced for businesses that will be affected by the introduction of the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in Birmingham next year.

A series of events hosted by Birmingham City Council (BCC) showed companies and organisations what support they could expect as they make the transition over to more environmentally friendly vehicles that will meet the CAZ exemption criteria.
BCC officers went over the financial support and grants packages it has now launched, which include:
  • £14.75m support for drivers of Hackney cabs and private-hire vehicles;
  • £10m fund to support small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) so that they: can switch to lower emission vehicles by installing accredited retrofit technology, which makes vehicles compliant to Euro VI equivalent, or buy or lease Euro VI compliant vehicles
To be eligible, SMEs must have been actively trading for more than 12 months within the CAZ, Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area.
Any HGV or coach operators that have non-compliant vehicles could also be eligible for assistance if they are:
  • Registered and located within Birmingham CAZ area
  • Registered in the Birmingham city area or West Midlands area and conduct their commercial operations within the CAZ area.
Attendees were also told about Government grants for businesses that want to swap their fleets to electric or hybrid vehicles that are on the approved list. There are 10 vans listed and those eligible for a grant could receive 20% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of £8,000. 
Drivers who need to install a home-charging point could also receive £500 towards its installation, while businesses could be eligible for a grant for up to 20 charge points that will cover 75% of the cost, capped at £500 per charge point.
The Birmingham Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is being introduced as part of a concerted effort to improve the city’s overall air quality, as well as reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

 The most polluting vehicles that do not meet the CAZ standards will be charged daily £8 to the enter the CAZ, while non-compliant HGVs, buses and coaches will be subject to a £50 daily charge.
The CAZ will encompass all roads within the A4540 Middleway ring road, and vehicle number recognition will be used to identify vehicles that do not meet the standards. 

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