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A brief overview of the purpose of Business Breathes and what the Clean Air Zone is all about.

From mid-2020 Birmingham City Council will be implementing a Clean Air Zone (CAZ), meaning that unless vehicles meet certain emissions requirements, there will be a charge for entering the zone in the city centre.

Businesses have a responsibility in helping to improve Birmingham’s air quality so that it is a healthy and safe place to live for all. Here we provide information and guidance for businesses, particularly self-employed drivers and fleet managers using vehicles in the city, and whose business may be affected by the implementation of the CAZ.

The site provides useful information on available low emission vehicles that will comply with the CAZ requirements, and where they can be refuelled (or recharged) in and around the city.

Along with information on why, where and and how the CAZ will be introduced, you can also find advice and guidance on the various grants and incentives available so that you and your business can continue to thrive, whilst doing your bit to improve Birmingham’s air.

Business Breathes, as part of the Council’s wider air quality campaign ‘Brum Breathes’, aims to reduce emissions of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter which cause poor air quality and associated health problems, by encouraging businesses to switch to cleaner vehicles. In doing so, it will also reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. This means that the campaign will have the added benefit of helping to fight climate change and reducing Birmingham's carbon footprint.

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